At The TV Truck, we are about results and getting your brand out there.

What better way to provide results than in real-time? Our GPS Tracking feature allows you to see first-hand the exact location of your advertisement using Google Maps in real-time. Easily view the precise location on your phone while you’re on the go. Ensure your advertisements are targeting the locations you want and analyze the data for managing and determining the best times and locations to advertise in the future.

Dashboard Sample

Dashboard Sample

GPS Tracking is an essential tool if your advertisements vary based on territory. You can instantly track when the ad will be reaching a specific area to notify and prepare your employees.

Aside from tracking the location of your ad, our GPS Tracking feature can alert you if The TV Truck is idle for too long or if it is moving too quickly.

GPS Tracking isn’t just great for locating your advertisement; it’s also perfect if you’re using it for a wedding proposal or birthday surprise so you can time it just right. Simply put in your location and receive an ETA for when The TV Truck will arrive at your location.


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