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Our Mission

To innovatively advertise and promote brands by offering high impact outdoor digital mobile advertising. We want to help you grow your brand, and increase your appeal in the marketplace!

The TV Truck is an outdoor digital mobile advertising and event company. We're big enough to make an impact, and small enough to craft thoughtful campaigns for our clients.

We have over 65 years of experience advising business owners on how to strategically brand and advertise their products and services.

The TV Truck has been featured at numerous professional and corporate outdoor events including Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade, the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the NFL Draft, and Villanova's NCAA National Championship Parade.




new school ads from old school dads

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Paul Catagnus, Founder & Partner

Using his 30+ years of sales and marketing experience, he loves to help his clients succeed (not more than he loves skiing moguls in fresh powder out west, but close!). Paul realizes that keeping his clients happy and focusing on the goal will continue to grow their business and generate more excitement for The TV Truck and its future.

Get in touch: paul@thetvtruck.com

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 Jeff Cartwright, Partner

He’s been advising businesses and perfecting the science of sales since 1974! Jeff’s greatest “testimony”, is when the clients he advises often say: “Thanks Jeff, it’s nice to know that you share our passion for the business.” While you will often find him “at the turn”, with a hot dog, a Gatorade, and a stogie (no matter the time in the morning, nor the number of strokes) ... you will also find him up and working at 2:00 a.m., to make sure the business owner and the end user have received his very best. Jeff is a teacher, mentor, and entrepreneur; guided by his favorite quote from Proverbs 27:17: “As Iron Sharpens Iron ... So One Man Sharpens Another.” Giddy-Up!

Get in touch: jeff@thetvtruck.com